Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better Late Than Never

A roffle-tastic link I've been meaning to post for a while:

Cam'ron straight-to-video movie sucks, but is probably still worth your dough. I almost burst into maniacal laughter reading this at work, and I have no idea how I could have explained to co-workers why.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dropping Links

Cleveland was a blast! Thanks and congratulations to Kevin and Erin on theirlovely wedding; photos and a more thoughtful commentary will come later in the month (promise).

Only rock-crit geeks will care, but Chuck Eddy was relieved last week of his duties as music editor of the Village Voice. I never had the chance to write for him, but he was kind enough to accept and thumb through my clips and later respond cordially to my pitches and failed on-spec attempts. He ran a diverse section/stable for seven years – every week there were a couple of reviews/features/blogs worth spending time with – and will be missed, at least until he finds gainful employment elsewhere (and he will, believe it). Some conversation about that can be found here.

Amal’s wedding photos can be viewed here, though like me, you may not recognize her at first (i.e. she’s wearing serious makeup and no blue clothing whatsoever).

Hooray for captivating noise: the Yellow Swans, Fat Worm of Error, and Panther Skull are brightening my year right now. Islands are on an altogether different trip, but are equally deserving of everyone’s limited time and resources. Played to death but fathomlessly enjoyable, “You’re Beautiful” is definitely this year’s “You’re Gorgeous.” Played to death but fathomlessly enjoyable but dripping with sap: “Had a Bad Day.”

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Springtime, and the Dying's Easy

I'm a cold-blooded killer, a murderous bastard, an assassin itching to strike. My bodycount this weekend in Selinsgrove is inching into the 30-plus range, and the carcasses are everywhere, crushed and oozing, bent and bruised and broken, in trash sacks and on the ground and behind furniture. Remorse shouldn't be an issue here but I have to admit that at some level I'm concerned that, after all of this willful, vengeful violence, my swift, brutal dispatching of so many clueless victims could swing back to me like a boomerang. Will I suffer karmic reprecussions of some sort, or be eternally confronted in the afterlife by those who met death by my heavy hand?

Hard to say, hard to say.

Pretty as a Picture

No, not this Malia, silly goose.

Malia has Native American roots ("bitter") and Hawaiian ones ("honey"). Research turns up a slew of other definitions -- "peaceful and calm waters" or "perhaps, probably" (Hawaiian); "queen" (South African). All of 'em sound pretty good to me.