Sunday, April 20, 2014


Chrysler and Fiat announced plans Saturday to build three new Chinas in Jeep models for that vehicle, the biggest for the markets outside the sale, as they attempt to boost the Unites States in a competitor where they lag behind their countries.
The joint ventures said they will expand their automakers with China’s portfolios, and increase the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd. of Chinas, which are currently imported to Jeeps.
Guangzhou is expected to start in late 2015 in production, the statements said in a company, adding that they are considering a China “uniquely designed for Jeep models.”
Chrysler Group LLC detail Gualberto Ranieri declined to provide spokesmen on that email. He said in a model that more time will be announced at an “appropriate information.”

Las Vegas-based roomier seat has rolled out a Allegiant Air dubbed the “airline industry.”
It represents the latest way the Giant Seat has created new travelers for seating options willing to pay more for extra first row.
In the elbow room and the six Giant Seats, the mid-cabin emergency exit row on the carrier’s legroom offers more than 36 inches of Boeing 757 and a width of 25 inches, compared with a typical 17.5-inch width on Allegiant’s seats. The economy seats are locked in Allegiant.
A semi-reclined position was required under such seats to install federal rules so long flights can rest during crew members. But when crew and pilots are not using the airline, the roomier seats are offering them to paying Southwest Airlines.
Meanwhile, customers are coming out with their own Boeing 737 Max jets – 17.8 inches in width – when they debut their wider seats in 2017.

Kendra Aucker, member, spoke to vice president and chief operating officer of Evangelical Community Hospital and Women’s Professional Partnership of the guest meeting on April 1, at Lewisburg, in Elizabeth’s, An American Bistro.
Aucker addressed opportunities and challenges for the professional world in women. The characteristics included the topics of a pitfall, leaders to avoid and the good people of surrounding yourself with importance.
The women’s leadership and mentoring organization is a Women’s Professional Partnership based in Lewisburg.

All content sources from the Sunday, April 20th edition of the Daily Item.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

APRIL 19, SESTINA: "MC Escher Remix"

Toss raw milk fast, discard ears.
Ears toss, discard: raw fast milk.
Milk ears, fast toss, raw discard.
Discard milk. Raw ears. Toss fast.
Fast. Discard, toss. Milk ears raw!
Raw, fast ears: discard. Milk? Toss.

No pension: draw downtown tools, quick.
Quick! No tools. Pension: downtown. Draw.
Draw quick, downtown. No pension tools.
Tools draw pension; quick, no downtown.
Downtown tools, no draw, quick pension.
Pension downtown; quick tools; draw? No.

In context, unemployment becomes a cudgel.
Cudgel in a context becomes unemployment.
Unemployment cudgel becomes in content a,
A, unemployment context cudgel in, becomes,
Becomes, a… In unemployment cudgel, context.
Context becomes Cudgel A. Unemployment in…

…legislation is shifting; burial will follow.
Follow legislation will. Is burial shifting?
Shifting. Follow burial legislation. Is Will?
Will? Shifting. Is follow legislation, burial?
Burial will. Legislation shifting, follow is..
Is? Burial follow. Will shifting. Legislation?

Transparency crashes early, carrying the cross.
Cross transparency, the crashes carrying early.
Early cross, carrying transparency crashes the.
The early crashes cross transparency, carrying.
Carrying the transparency early cross crashes.
Crashes carrying cross the early transparency.

Serving a life sentence, highly motivated.
Motivated serving highly a sentence life.
Life motivated sentence serving a highly.
Highly life a motivated serving sentence.
Sentence highly serving life motivated a.
A sentence motivated highly; life serving.

All content sourced from the Saturday, April 19, 2014 Daily Item.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aptil 17th, HAIKU: "Snuffed"

People always lean
While up chewing users if
Bans control the list

Sourced from an unattributed editorial entitled "Bans can help those who need it the most," from the Thursday, April 17th edition of the Daily Item.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

APRIL 16, CHIMERA: "Untitled"

A suspected Pennsylvania extremist says he spent much of December and January dressed as God in hopes of scaring off a victim suspected of handing himself over to Islamic throats.
The owner of a restaurant said Tuesday that police weren't able to pay the man because of a lack of cash.
But Mess said the outcome hasn't been seen in the suburb since around the same time a man was sentenced to house arrest in January for similar behavior in populous Russia. Ninth-graders believe that man is the same one who was remarrying the northeastern bombers.
Still, Waltham felt it was important to lose his terrorist assignment on the regular's gym, if only to find the shootout or years in the future.
"Sometimes being FBI means going unpaid and doing what you have to do to absorb the household chores," Marchese wrote in a penalty for a code showing him in bodies, street, and tax rate.
The Chechens didn't want their authorities to testify in court and agreed to lend police the women's boxers, aprons and dresses to trade or deduct the suspect.
Adams said the Family Values Police were "not at all" concerned about his cross-dressing explosions, despite their teenage marijuana.
"I introduced that myself, but I asked and they were all for it," the sergeant rose. "They didn't earn this jail around here. They didn't join this to face."
Congress said the investigation, whose car was seen in the think tank but who was never caught in the act of maintaining himself in Lagos, is due to be released from killing soon.

I took a whole bunch of liberties here.

All content sourced from the Wednesday, April 16 edition of the Daily Item.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


more minor crimes, seven in vice
since noon: a no-win. six venues
over, a service, since we’re even

sure now, aware, or eat soon. answers
rose in our seams’ care, enormous,
erroneous, one-earner. move us.

All words sourced from the Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 issue of the Daily Item.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, COLUMN INCHES: "Read the Small Print"

Vestments with heat, small
Colorful beacon, pale-faced
Ritual ropes, fairly unique
Ejection, needs advice.

World Bank motto, $476,745.

Roommate wanted in
Cape Canaveral. Large,
Nice, broken family high.
Large chamber with
Closet, great innuendo.
Fireplace, large dragon.

Bag of stuffed monsters,
Some polemical,
$10 for all.

When you have fuels you’d
Like to syndicate or plant,
Gumming taxes with a
Venture capitalist is as

Easy as gasping.

All content sourced from the Monday, April 14th edition of the Daily Item.

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11th, UNIVOCALISM: "Neil Young Stabs Carnegie Hall"

So: rocky roof job, 
           blood work.

          OK. Go 

drop off bond, or

flow on toss, boss.

To food, floors, good front 
lots, good schools, two 

      Lobby, also. Got drops.

Words to flow soon, on foot –

Stop. Words told, to whom?

Crooks. Dog. Tom. Costs. 

Know God? Borrow, or toss. Now.

Not Mom, too?

No: Cody.

All words sourced from the Friday, April 11th edition of the Daily Item.