Friday, February 27, 2009


March is a kind of awkward, in-between month, isn't it? Not as cold and inhospitable outside as the weeks leading up to it, but not quite springtime, yet. It's like the adolescence of months or something. Gawky. Gangly. Embarassing and embarassed. March isn't daring or welcoming. It's lazy, and that laziness is massively contageous - to the point where you just wanna stay inside and veg and watch television.

Thus, March seemed like the right time for Voguing To Danzig to launch "TV Loves You Back" Month, in which I and a bunch of friends and correspondents blather on, unleashed, about television. Shows. Commercials. Characters. Plotlines. Whatever. So I asked a bunch of people to contribute, and a few expressed interest, and were able to interest other folks.

Part of the point of this project - inspired, it must be said, by Brandon Soderburg's "Dilla Month" - is to bring disparate individuals together to create something, an event. In college, my friends and I used to fantasize about starting a magazine where we'd publish articles from everyone we knew, regardless of whether or not they actually were writers, per se, about whatever they wanted to write about. Of course, that never happened, and for various reasons probably never will. But enterprises like this and Dilla Month are important, because they foster a sense of community and inclusion in a time when everyone's so scattered. We trade emails and (some of us) occasional phone calls, but how often do we actually work together on an endeavor - even something as trivial and frivolous as a month of blog posts about the international addition to television? If "TV Loves You Back" Month inspires imitations, then it's a success. Hopefully, we can also confuse the holy heck out of some Restiform Bodies fans.


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