Saturday, July 18, 2009


So there I was, the other week, feeling all dejected and spurned over Assembing The Lord's dismal sales. Sure, I haven't done any signings or readings - there are reasons for that, believe me - and poetry isn't a hot commodity or anything, but I genuinely believed that we could move more than twelve copies of this thing by now. (Did I mention that ten of those copies were purchased by my dad? My dad rocks.) So we're coming up on ninety days since the book came out, and we just logged our thirteenth
sale! Go us! That means, like, good luck, right? I divided 90 by 13 in our cheap basic calculator and I guess it works out to one copy sold for every seven days or something. (Not quite, but I'm not typing out all the decimals right now. I mean, I just stained a side porch today, and I'm wiped, you know?)

Anyhow, sweet! And that's a Jay-Z-on-American Gangster "sweet," like it's the 1970s and things can only get better from here. Onward and upward, etc.


minorpoet said...

sorry, brudder, that there hasnt been more success. you hit it right saying that you need to do readings. thats when you make your sales for real. another stat: i mailed 17 copies out for review and we only got the one in your college website. and you have actually sold 14, with a 15th order in process, and a 16th on the plate too. if you want, you can sign up for a reading slot sept 5 or 6th at our Arts in the Park event.

Raymond Cummings said...

really? damn, yo. sounds like we're getting somewhere finally.

as for readings: maybe in the fall. let's keep talking about it.