Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Totally sincere, totally unsnarky questions for anyone who'd care to answer (in the comments section, if you don't mind): if you have a Twitter account, what initially prompted you to start one? Are you able to post anywhere near as often as you wish you could? Do you have as many followers as you wish you did? Does that even matter to you? Is it just a matter of having an online venue available for out-loud thinking? Do you use the word "tweet" in everyday conversation without wincing? Does this blog post represent the first time anyone has asked you questions like this? I really do want to know, and not in a mean way, I swear.


comoprozac said...

I just wanted to try it out, plus I do a lot of work with various Web 2.0 tools.

My rate of posts varies. I don't really know what I intended.

I don't care about the number of followers, but it's easy to get followers.

An "online venue available for out-loud thinking" is a good descriptor, but there's also a conversation component.

I say "Tweet" all the time.

I've had plenty of discussions regarding Twitter.

Twitter Username: comoprozac

CarolJen said...

I was learning about web2.0 tools for work... and all the cool kids were doing it :-)

I post several times a day... mostly for work communication (which sometimes consists of "where do we wanna meet for lunch?")

I don't care about followers either... like I said... mostly work people (from various locations - it's not like we are all posting from the same room or building!) but a few friends follow as well...

I say tweet regularly.

Have talked about twitter and tweeting on numerous occasions.

twitter name: caroljen