Thursday, July 29, 2010


If there's a God - or any justice - Seann William Scott's sociopathic, parkour-proficient burglar will score his own Get Him To The Greek-esque franchise spin-off; he's the only reason to watch this movie, let alone talk about it. (He's got maybe 20-30 minutes of screentime. You kind of don't need to bother with the rest.) Otherwise, Tracy Morgan overhams for his paycheck, while Bruce Willis doesn't even bothering phoning his performance in; Jason Lee is wasted in a supporting role as Ashton Kutcher, I guess. I was totally ready for the other detective team to be on the take, ala Shaft; the actual bad guys were totally dimensionless Mexican drug thugs outta Central Casting. Why did anyone think this homage to 80s buddy-cop flicks was a good idea? D+

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