Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jacko vs Lennon vs Brown*

Michael Jackson: Who’s the boogie man you’re thinking of?

John Lennon: The men from the press.

Bobby Brown: They say I’m nasty.

Lennon: It ain’t easy.

Brown: Spreading myself around.

Jackson: Everybody wanting a piece.

Brown: Talking all this stuff.

Lennon: They didn’t even give us a chance.

Jackson: Stalking.

Lennon: Eating chocolate cake in a bag.

Jackson: My obituary?

Lennon: Crucify me.

Brown: Why am I so real?

Jackson: Am I crazy?

Lennon: Two gurus in drag.

Jackson: On the screen.

Brown: Oh, no.

*Usually these mashups wind up on Splice Today, but this one's feeling too slight somehow, so I've posted it here.

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