Saturday, January 07, 2012

This was supposed to run as a Village Voice music listing, but didn't due to a clerical error:

Celebrity DJs make the A-List for a reason, and the deceptively named Deadmau5 has earned his place there. The DJ born Joel Thomas Zimmerman may have committed his share of quasi-mortal sins – dating a Playmate without irony, assailing the etymology of his chosen profession in print, perverting the Disney logo fifty ways from Sunday – but there’s something quintessentially and universally euphoric about his brand of acid-trance that transcends race, economic status, and level of chemical dependency. Sure, Zimmerman’s fizz-tone beat-bounce prizes broad electronic strokes over ambient diffusion or convulsing-outside-a-rave nightmare, but in a compositional sense he excels at unspooling a good yarn, even if that yarn doesn’t go much deeper than the storyboard for a 30-second Mitsubishi advert.

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