Thursday, January 31, 2013

Voguing To Danzig's Top 25 Albums of 2012

1. Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel...
2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Mature Themes
3. Chris Cohen, Overgrown Path
4. Death Grips, The Money Store
5. Diablo, Twins

6. Dial, Western Front
7. Grasshopper, The Day America Forgot
8. Lightning Bolt, Oblivion Hunter
9. Lotus Plaza, Spooky Action at a Distance
10. Meek Mill, Dreams & Nightmares

11. Melody's Echo Chamber, Melody's Echo Chamber
12. Mission of Burma, Unsound
13. Mount Eerie, Ocean Roar
14. Natural Snow Buildings, Night Coercion Into The Company of Witches
15. Neptune, msg rcvd

16. Oneida, A List of the Burning Mountains
17. Pacific 231, Scuffle
18. Pauline Oliveros, Reverberations...
19. Rainier Lercicolais, End Print
20. Penny Royale, This Town

21. Mike Shiflet, Merciless
22. Schoolboy Q, Habits & Contradictions
23. Sontag Shogun, Absent Warrior, Abandoned Battlefield
24. Various Artists, Compilation for a Cat
25. Elizabeth Veldon, Pine Trees in the Wind

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