Sunday, March 03, 2013

New poem: "Eggshells On Matzo"


Cold-cream jars agape. HVACs singing
scat. Clods of palladium shaken loose
into piles. Exteriors dreamt en cumuli
A tribunal of paper birches, quaking aspens.
Is this one of your movies about nothing?

Daylight humanizes rafters. Using mop 
brushes we applied white lacquer to 
alabaster idols. Trowels caked in fondant. 
Before the lift an apparition hovers, mute.
Contrails beget halos or elide the action.

So boogie on down to Blanco; check out
the ecru scene. Under layers of kohl, more 
silence. Arboretums beset by unicorns, 
melisma. The video feed was uncut sclera. 
Constellational, bones curl round a wrist.  

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