Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Interview up at Village Voice with the fellas from Sightings, whose new album is subtle but fabulous.


The first question and answers were edited out for some reason; I felt that they should be preserved.

I notice that you guys all have Hotmail accounts; I have one too, have had it for a while though I don't use it much. Have you ever had your account hacked into? If so, what was the result? What happened? Did it happen more than once? Some asshole or demon hacked my Hotmail over SXSW weekend and was mass mailing all these nonsensical haiku to people I haven't been in touch with for half a decade. That kind of shit can ruin your day.

Richard Hoffman: No shenanigans yet, actually haven't had anything hacked. Yet. Wait - is a haiku 5-7-5, or 7-5-7? Seventeen, syllables I think.

Jon Lockie: I did once have a small group of emails sent out to some of my Hotmail contacts regarding prescription meds. My mom called me, and was like "Why are you sending emails out about prescription medications? Are you ok?" I changed my password and haven't had another problem. I have a Gmail account for my business, and I do notice that it doesn't get the spam and BS that Hotmail gets.  

Later this week or next week I'll put up the Black Pus interview that I did for my MAGNET feature.

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