Friday, February 17, 2006

Double-Aught-Five Shadow Ballot Time!


Cam’ron Purple Haze
Double Leopards A Hole Is True: Who'd have thought the simulated sound of being stuck in a blizzard could be so fascinating?
The Kills No Way
Calvin Johnson Before The Dream Faded...
limpbizkit Greatest Hitz
Nautical Almanac Cover the Earth
Sleater-Kinney The Woods: I never thought they'd make a whole album I could stomach. Oh, the wonders of uglified, rough-and-tumble production.
Mary Timony Ex Hex
White Rock Tarpit
Wooden Wand, Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg


50 Cent/The Game “Love It Or Hate It”
Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine”/”Get Him Back”
Death Cab for Cutie “Soul Meets Body”: Yes, it's quite possible that I'm secretly a total wimp, but I'm starting to think about buying Plans. A catchy, wistful single is a catchy, wistful single is a catchy, wistful single, y'knowwhatI'msayin'?
Lightning Bolt “Bizarro Bike”
Jennifer Lopez “Get Right”
Juelz Santana “Oh Yes”
System of a Down “Hypnotize”
Rob Thomas “Lonely No More”
Kanye West “Touch the Sky”: It's basically "Encore II" but instead of Jay-Z exhorting the audience to demand moree, more, more, it's Kanye big-upping himself with newcomer Lupe Fiasco tagging along for the festive, horn-driven ride.

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