Thursday, February 09, 2006

Texts Cheap for Balti Peeps

If you’re in Baltimore, or in the Baltimore area, or you’re planning a trip to Baltimore soon, or whatever, you are encouraged – strongly – to visit Daedalus Books, where overstock titles of the recent past can be had brand-spanking new (new Susan Sontag, old Umberto Eco, coffee table photo and art books, military histories, I could go on but my memory sucks and it’s been a few weeks) for, oftentimes, a fraction of the original price. Located at (or near) the intersection of York Road and Northern Parkway, this is a new Daedalus; one has been situated in the Columbia area for some time now. This should be of particular interest to those of you who are fans of Los Bros Hernandez’s Love & Rockets series but don’t have all of the individual issues or graphic novel collections, because, see, many of said collections are on sale.... for $4.98, down from the usual $17.95 price. You’ve got your orders – go!

Apologies for the update (daily and freelance alike) has been kicking my ass and I’ve neglected this space. I’ve decided to start treating the blog like a diary more than anything else, in part because I have no idea who my readership really is at this point or if I can actually be said to have one. But that lack of certainty hasn’t deterred millions of other bloggers worldwide, so why should I be any different?

In other news, I’ve just been made Assistant Music Editor at Static, a promotion that should lead, eventually, to some sort of salary, however meager. And the title and experience could come in handy someday. And one of my Pazz & Jopp comments was accepted, which is fabulous, a huge ego boost.

More soon, promise. You’ll wish me silent before you know it.

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