Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ON THE MARKET: "Assembling the Lord"

My first book! On sale here! For real!
What some people thought:
"Verse by Raymond Cummings will always be a pleasure to read. Assembling The Lord goes from styles of formal verse to a more jazz-cadence free form and back again on more than one level. To read through it one catches a glimpse of the amazing mind of Mr. Cummings. Read it and enjoy it!"
- David Drell, Baltimore Tattoo Museum curator
"When I read Ray's poems, it feels like the words are firing into my brain like bullets. His simplest phrases - "plucked cars, blown up dandelions" - pack such a punch, but his ideas and images stay sharp whether crammed into two-syllable bursts or stretched into spilling rhythms. Take these poems like pills, wear a flak jacket too - you'll be surprised by how much shrapnel can result from such quick, efficient verse."
- Marc Masters, author of No Wave
"I hate poetry. I didn't hate this. Are you sure this is poetry?"
- Al Shipley, music writer

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