Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We had fun, didn't we? We babbled about gadgets, peered unflinchingly at the minutae of sit-coms, geeked out over sci-fi. We scored some comments. We wasted a lot of time when we should've been doing actual work for money or doing productive things.

And now it's over. Owing to a lack of time and a dearth of other projects and deadlines, I didn't write about half of the things I wanted to write about. But I'll get to those things - Kath & Kim, ER, reality TV - sometime soon, if not under the hallowed TV LOVES YOU BACK MARCH rubric.

Anyway, I want to thank everybody who chipped in: Doug Mowbray, Brandon Soderberg, Zak Early, Sanjeevani Wijenaike Silva, Linda Hawkins, Alex Strama, Kevin Hoffman, and especially Thom Hawkins, the undisputed MVP of this whole enterprise. I'll be in touch generally - ya'll know that - but also specifically sometime this summer for the next, weeklong project.

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