Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fuck me. Bret Michaels? Really? See, according to a Google search, Bret Michaels is the number one trending topic online right now. Seriously. Bret Michaels. I mean, I've been pretty out of the loop for most of 2010, but other than winning Celebrity Apprentice and almost dying and putting out a shitty single with Miley Cyrus, what has Bret Michaels done that warrants him being one of the most talked about people - nay, the most talked about person, according to the site I clicked - on Earth? I refuse to believe that 13-year old girls are Twittering incessantly about Bret fucking Michaels when they could be Twittering about Justin Bieber or any number of post-Disney Channel fame-aspirants. Bret Michaels! Bret Michaels? Bret Michaels. 

The mind boggles.

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