Tuesday, April 08, 2014

April 8th, BEAUTIFUL INLAW: "Scatting Them Darlene Gillespie Blues"

Are in.
In is a and,
and is a is rule.

Nine, and in
business end: and
in said,

died a-did, 
and a Dr. A, and

and a is in is in a and

an: Bill and I, all-and-all, 

“a in sang siring be a is
is aisle,” and “in are is rule

been." And 

                              are in sure
rule is a is and
and a is in
in are

Sources, from the Tuesday, April 8th edition of the Daily Item:

"Hollywood legend Micky Rooney dies," Anthony McCartney of the Associated Press.

"Chairman's limits make Congress work better," Albert R. Hunt of Bloomberg News.

Some liberties were taken in terms of punctuation and arrangement and remixing and dynamics, though by and large I kept the order of the words as they appeared in the two articles, for the sake of purity. 

(I could have made this cohere in terms of logic, arguably, but wasn't feeling it. That kinda day.)

Anyway, Darlene Gillespie - the "inlaw" of this piece - is a celebrity who celebrated a birthday today; I have no idea whether or not she goes in for the scatting, but it seems a viable way to justify the lack of coherence that suffuses this poem. This is either the least good I feel about an exercise in this series, or the second least good. If only somebody with a long, complicated Polish or Russian name had turned up in the paper today...

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