Saturday, April 19, 2014

APRIL 19, SESTINA: "MC Escher Remix"

Toss raw milk fast, discard ears.
Ears toss, discard: raw fast milk.
Milk ears, fast toss, raw discard.
Discard milk. Raw ears. Toss fast.
Fast. Discard, toss. Milk ears raw!
Raw, fast ears: discard. Milk? Toss.

No pension: draw downtown tools, quick.
Quick! No tools. Pension: downtown. Draw.
Draw quick, downtown. No pension tools.
Tools draw pension; quick, no downtown.
Downtown tools, no draw, quick pension.
Pension downtown; quick tools; draw? No.

In context, unemployment becomes a cudgel.
Cudgel in a context becomes unemployment.
Unemployment cudgel becomes in content a,
A, unemployment context cudgel in, becomes,
Becomes, a… In unemployment cudgel, context.
Context becomes Cudgel A. Unemployment in…

…legislation is shifting; burial will follow.
Follow legislation will. Is burial shifting?
Shifting. Follow burial legislation. Is Will?
Will? Shifting. Is follow legislation, burial?
Burial will. Legislation shifting, follow is..
Is? Burial follow. Will shifting. Legislation?

Transparency crashes early, carrying the cross.
Cross transparency, the crashes carrying early.
Early cross, carrying transparency crashes the.
The early crashes cross transparency, carrying.
Carrying the transparency early cross crashes.
Crashes carrying cross the early transparency.

Serving a life sentence, highly motivated.
Motivated serving highly a sentence life.
Life motivated sentence serving a highly.
Highly life a motivated serving sentence.
Sentence highly serving life motivated a.
A sentence motivated highly; life serving.

All content sourced from the Saturday, April 19, 2014 Daily Item.

4 comments: said...

holy crap, Raymond. you just blew my mind. well done...

S.E.Ingraham said...

Consider that minds blown squared Raymond...anything Escheresque and I'm a sucker...this is bloody brilliant

Unknown said...

Oh, what a set of cool micro sestina! I definitely want to try this variation.

Raymond Cummings said...

Thank you so much, everyone! Rarely as a misreading of a prompt worked out quitw so well :)