Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear proprietors of the eZ Mart in Camp Hill, PA:

I can forgive the fact that the only headphones you sell are, basically, ear buds for iPhones and iPods, and that they're obscenely expensive (about $15 with taxes included). Hey, everyone's gotta make a living.

I can even understand that shoplifting is a plague that never lets up, which is why you essentially have to bolt said headphones to the display rack - though, keeping said display rack right next to the door doesn't make a lot of sense, really, you oughta keep these kinds of things behind the counter, but whatever.

But if you've gotta bolt these products to the racks, at least know where the specialized tool that's used to undo the bolts is and how to use it. That's all I ask.

Ray Cummings

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