Monday, January 19, 2009

Silly, Silly ABC Poem for Nodin - any ideas for a title? any and all are welcome

Acker bilked a complicit dromedary,
Easily fooled - gosh! - he impishly joked:
"Ken, let me notarize your opthomologist's placard."
"Quit rambling," the other countered, sternly tsk-tsking.
"Usually, victims whine,
xylophones chime,
yelling zither players aren't fine when I commit this crime!"


The Constable said...

Very nice--have you been reading Oulipo Laboratory? Alphabetical Africa? Most examples are forced--yours actually works rather well.

Raymond Cummings said...

no, never heard of that! what's the link?

thanks. ideally i'd love to write one of these that only used 26 words in ABC order. i'm thinking it'd be cool to write 26 of them, make a little book for nodin as he gets older.

i read the one above to him once but he was too interested in his toys to care; he actually asked me to stop reading it! politely, of course. so i did. :)