Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TV LOVES YOU BACK MARCH: Baltimore’s ABC Affiliate Station, Shape the Fuck Up!


Dear Baltimore local ABC news: You guys could learn a lot from the professionals at 6 ABC in Killadelphia. I hate watching your news, cos’ all you guys look like shit. I mean, I look like shit, too, but I‘m not on TV - I’m just chillin’ in my jammies down in the basement. Something about your show is tragic, tragic beyond the news. Your lighting is dark, your outfits are sub par, your hair and make up is really bad, your weather maps are primitive, Megan Pringle is a freaking dimwit and that Jamie man seems douchy, you don’t have a Don Polec… And 6 ABC has a killer theme song, so killer that in high school a whole table of us would sing that shit in unison. Just sayin’.

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