Friday, March 27, 2009

TV LOVES YOU BACK MARCH: A Very Special "Law & Order: SVU"


Can I just tell you how effing jazzed I was when my baby decided to catch some ZZZs while Law and Order: Special Victims Unit was on? Usually I peep what Ellen is up to at three o’clock, but she’s been far too cheery for my wintry-ass lately!

Anyways, SVU was amazing today, cos’ it was like watching Heathers; it even had a “Big Fun” girl, whose brother was played by A.J. Soprano in his cute era! It was all about these bitchy blondes, who go bananas on one of their co-clique members. I love love love stories about teenagers being bitches! And Mariska Hargitay and that guy from Oz were on the case. I hate it when it’s Belzer and Ice (there goes the neighborhood) T.


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